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Archetype Builders has completed many projects in numerous communities throughout metro Atlanta and north Georgia. However, Avondale Estates is one community where we have done a substantial amount of work over the last 12 years. Many of our customers have called us back two, three, four and even five times to work on additional projects as time, money or needs required. For example, at 12 Dartmouth Ave. we built a two story detached Art Studio in 1996. In 1998 we built a second story addition on the home that included a large Master Bedroom Suite, Laundry Room and balcony overlooking the main floor. Two years later we were back to build a nursery in what was left of the existing attic. In 2003 the owners sold their home and hired us to remodel their new home in Snellville. The new owners of the Dartmouth Ave. home then hired us to gut and completely remodel the kitchen and in 2007 we remodeled the front porch and built custom cabinets in the interior.
Below is a map of Avondale with project locations and descriptions.
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Map of Avondale
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