We’ve had over 3 1/2 decades of owning/operating restaurants, which has included several remodelings in ancient facilities without a right angle in them, building once in a new facility, and designing and fabricating equipment to NSF standards.  In addition, with our personal homes, we have taken the first house we owned from finding it just dried in to being involved in details, plus several home remodelings, including two of which were unplanned after floods. Two of our homes were on the front page of the AJC home section. We have worked with numerous contractors and workers during these decades, some of them who normally do “high end” work for people beyond our financial strata.  We are people who unfortunately notice small details that can drive us nuts if they’re not done exactly correctly, an unfortunate “talent” when you’re talking about a floor-to-ceiling mirror being hung 1/16” of an inch off, something we can see immediately from across a room.  Only once before in many decades have we ever even approached the level of artistry that is normal for Archetype Builders.  For them, construction work is an artform with workers who are craftsmen who personally care about the quality of their work.


  We could not more highly recommend Archetype Builders and we will be using them to build our final (retirement) home.  Having watched the art and functionality that their craftsmen cannot help but do because of their own sensibilities, we could pick no better company to help us create our final home, one that will last for decades - maybe even centuries.  If anyone can do THAT, it’s Archetype Builders.


  And, no, we are not relatives of the Carlson brothers nor the craftsmen who work for them!  We just greatly appreciate talent, skill, competency, and care, and we have the experience to notice the difference after over 6 decades of life.


  Whatever they do is always art.


Phil and Miranda Paymer
Co-creators of Everybody's Pizza and (in its day) Lullwater Restaurant


  We have hired Archetype Builders for three projects at separate times – a renovated master bath, a renovated entryway and sidewalk and a new detached garage with a finished office/guest room suite overhead.

  We were introduced by referral from several neighbors and couldn’t be happier to pass the referral on to you. Randall, Rhoen and their entire crew are professional, intelligent and genuinely concerned with “getting it right”, whether it is design, construction, finish considerations or other aspects of your project. Their work is top notch and we continually have friends and visitors comment on the quality of the workmanship. A bonus is that they are all nice guys and treat your house with the utmost respect. They will work with you regarding scheduling and seek to minimize their impact on your property and daily routine. Best of all, they are willing to exercise your dog during the day!


David and Amy Leonard


  Denise and I moved to Avondale Estates in December 1989, and among the regular features on our street was a silver pickup truck driven by a friendly contractor who always seemed to have several projects going. 


  After visiting a couple of their job sites, I much admired the quality of work and attention to detail in homes renovated by Rhoen and Randall Carlson.  They seemed to understand the particular needs and problems of working in a historic  neighborhood; and they had the right experience in dealing with the local preservation guidelines. I told Rhoen that if we ever needed work done, he was the guy we would hire.


  When an oak tree toppled onto our dilapidated two-bay, single-story garage, we had the opportunity to hire Archetype Builders.  Randall drew up plans and created a computerized 3-D rendering for a 1-1/2 story carriage house that fit perfectly with our 1926 Tudor-style home.  His plans and renderings sailed through the Avondale Estates zoning and historical commission approval processes with no trouble. Work began with demolition of our old garage.  But there was no heavy equipment smashing about. Rhoen sent over a small crew who dismantled our old garage board by board, cleanly and quietly. 


  Framing construction was just as tidy; Rhoen's carpenters were so precise in their work, the scrap from the job actually fit into a couple of trash barrels.  As the structure took shape, we were pleased with how solid it seemed.  Even the inspectors were impressed with the sturdiness the building.  The build quality was everything I had come to expect from Rhoen and Randall, and their craftsmen. 


  We originally hired Archetype to put up the shell, with the idea that Denise and I would finish out the interior.  When we found ourselves overwhelmed by a particular phase, Rhoen was always willing to help out by sending over one of his expert crew, or recommending a contractor.


  Finishing the interior ourselves added more than a year, but the job is finally done.  We are extremely happy with our jewel of a carriage house, and with Archetype's participation.  I highly recommend Rhoen and Randall, for their skills and for being pleasant and easy to work with.


Mike Wazlavek and Denise Norris


  We worked with Randall and Rhoen on our second floor addition.  They came highly recommended by friends that had recently completed a similar job.  Archetype Builders handled every phase of the project, from design (showing us exactly what our home would look like with 3-D renderings) to build-out to hiring and managing the subs, all with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Their crew was wonderful, taking great pains to be mindful of our privacy and comfort (we lived in the house during construction).  We have, and will continue, to recommend them to our friends without reservation.

Randy Hill and Mary Higgs